Mercredi 13 avril 2011

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Christian Louboutin sale Collapsible pilot program triple play telecom stalemate christian louboutin:
SAN May 31 news, although media reported that the triple play before the pilot program will be introduced by the end of May,christian louboutin, but informed sources, it is already impossible, submission of the third industry department draft has been rejected,discount Christian Louboutin Shoes, is currently the fourth draft is brewing, and broadcasting and telecommunications intensified competition for control over the content.  
Earlier media reports called in the short term, particularly the introduction of the end of May is not possible.  
In addition, the pilot program will be organized after the passage of the pilot cities to declare the work really starts triple play pilot premature.  
previous media reports also said, It is reported that this is the broadcasting and telecommunications industries in the triple play in the pilot program the focus of the battle. Among them, the radio and television want to be responsible for IPTV, mobile TV, IPTV and other new media,Christian Louboutin sale, broadcast control platform, but insisted on IPTV integrated telecommunications control.  
insiders said that if the two sides not to make concessions, triple play pilot will come to nothing, but from a practical point of view, weak competitiveness in terms of radio and television, to seize control over the media is equal to seize a life-saving straw,discount Christian Louboutin shoes, you can always holds telecom operators; and telecommunications also see this, consider the fate of the telecommunications industry can not accept the restriction and manipulation by the broadcasting industry.  
this year, the broadcasting and telecommunications industry,Christian Louboutin, competition intensified, took place in April this year, business, the paper said without SARFT authorization for IP TV services to carry out the region, will be investigated and punished according to law, the deadline to stop the illegal conduct of IP TV services. This makes carriers shocked that such a move amazing, telecom operators more control over the integration do not think IPTV, triple play does not make sense. Subsequent problems of network television to color TV industry in shock. (JUVENILE)
> Related: State Council investigation team divided the study triple play IPTV triple play loose change in the stalemate of the three investment ideas in the public media executives hot: triple play is very romantic  
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christian louboutin for sale Beijing operators There is suggestive of the title christian louboutin: ,christian louboutin for sale
Express News reported, according to Zhong Guangwang for 18 ,louboutin for sale, will close the sender's messaging functions.  
Beijing Mobile that will not release any information about known users to send messages down the yellow treatment. the problem,  
report, and not too injustice? I had no malicious ah, that is funny about. and I do not send pornographic content,Christian Louboutin, that is, at best,Christian louboutin sale, a 'dirty joke'。similar questions, Beijing Unicom's service hotline, said mobile phone users turn off SMS functionality is not simply worth, and take some necessary conditions. First, the amount of text messages sent to achieve a level; Secondly, there must be a number of users to report; will also need to check the relevant government departments,Christian Louboutin Wedge, identified as yellow text messages or spam messages.  
what is yellow text?  
Mobile and China Unicom are said relevant departments have been identified mainly based on the 13 insulting content  

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Mardi 12 avril 2011

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cheap Christian Louboutin Ultrapower distance themselves once again no improper christian louboutin: ,christian louboutin
Oriental Morning Post reporter Zhou Ling

transferred to the original as deputy general manager of China Mobile Group, Mr. Zhang is investigating a case, the GEM listed company, Software AG Beijing Ultrapower Co., Ltd. (300002) External clarify again and said,  
1 4 January, Wang Ning, chairman Ultrapower by Sina Finance, announced that the Ultrapower no improper relationship with Mr. Zhang. Ning also said he suspected  
2009 年 12 26, official sources confirmed that China Mobile Communications Corporation party secretary, deputy general manager Zhang Chunjiang for serious disciplinary offenses,  
day, the number of media reports speculated that Mr. Zhang implied or Lok Ma and Ultrapower related. Mobile Fetion Operation Support Outsourcing Services is Ultrapower the main source of operating results.  
12 28, Ultrapower temporary suspension, the evening bulletin said: Ning told the media the day of interview,Christian louboutin on sale, said that with Mr. Zhang on China Mobile executives or other relatives are there rumors of  
12 29, Ultrapower resumption of trading,Louboutin shoes, dropped 4.49%.  
12 31,cheap Christian Louboutin, official sources confirmed that central government has decided to remove Mr. Zhang's current duties.  
1 4 January, the first working day after New Year's Day,Louboutin sale, through the media again outside, said Wang Ning, Ultrapower had no instructions, no Ultrapower any problems to consult Mr. Zhang. Publishing House. Create 1997 Software Co., Ltd. Beijing Ultrapower.  
Ultrapower Strategic Investment and Securities Division, Shan Qian Zhang, general manager of Post reporters in an interview yesterday, said, doing, we just wonder, there is no understanding the details behind the incident and did not know who is doing.  

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Christian Louboutin boots No cottage industry award IMEI the Chinese market and christian louboutin:
SAN Dec. 3 news for part of the cottage has been started in India on December 1 block, will the mobile phone industry in Shenzhen, said before the IMEI code without pay, but some manufacturers too lazy cottage , and that to do,Louboutin sale, resulting in the whole cottage industry of adverse consequences.  
vendors too lazy

before the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced that starting Dec. 1 will be blocked without IMEI phone. The central Indian city of Nagpur, began on the part of the International Mobile Equipment Identity is not (hereinafter referred to as the China cottage phone manufacturers will therefore be affected.  
IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity code abbreviation for-one correspondence with each mobile phone,Christian Louboutin outlets, every phone in the assembly will be given after the completion of a set of globally unique number,Christian Louboutin boots, this number from production to delivery will be recorded in manufacturing vendors.  
cottage firms do not mind, resulting in less and less seriously,discount Christian Louboutin Shoes,  
of the person also said the punitive charges, as long as the factory in China mobile phone manufacturers mobile phone,Christian louboutin on sale, the IMEI code of each model to be free of charge.  
cause for this increase in costs due to Chinese manufacturers do not want to apply for IMEI code, the aforementioned mobile phone design companies are advised to start charging now, and exports to India a $ 600 phone IMEI code, an IMEI code can be used In the 1-5 phone models, each model can hold 200,000. Only one type of cottage actual sales can not have 20 million units.  
still be able to continue to do so in India can imagine, (JUVENILE)
> Related: 25 million Indian cottage was sealed survey: 90% of the trouble brewing with the serial number off the mobile phone industry seeks to curb the global spread of cottage: the introduction of more stringent mechanism to open the European Union issued a fine cottage Division of Overseas layout or blocked by a fine European cottage: each pay $ 2,000 model code body

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Lundi 11 avril 2011

cheap Christian Louboutin shoes, organized

Louboutins Photo Ministry of Industry and Technology Division of Health and more christian louboutin: 13362">Photo: Ministry of Industry and Technology Division of Health more than a speech. ->
TD-LTE test technology seminar on December 17th National Conference Center in Beijing,cheap Christian Louboutin shoes, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute of Telecommunications, TD Technology Forum hosted.  
Pictured: TD-LTE test technical seminars on-site, the Ministry of Science and Technology Division of Health more than a speech.  
on the raw number: TD-LTE yesterday opened the meeting to discuss the issue of testing the technology in this meeting we also talked about restricting the test instrument manufacturers to develop an important part, so the open today This will be very timely, in this is also very happy.  
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning, very pleased to be able to attend the test TD-LTE technology seminars, I am here on behalf of Technology Division of the symposium warm congratulations,red sole shoes!  
known to our government in January 2009 issued 3G licenses, the current 3G network size and rapid growth in subscribers, with the development of broadband, next-generation broadband R & D is also a positive start. TD-LTE as the successor technology TD-SCDMA, is continuous innovation, from its birth has been since the Ministry of Information Industry and the great attention and support. In the promotion of TD-LTE R & D and industrialization of the process, we fully learn from the success of TD-SCDMA industry experience, for TD-LTE to support various industrial chain links, end to end as soon as possible TD-LTE technology. The development of TD-LTE present not only in the country ushered in an unprecedented historical opportunity, but also ushered in vast changes to the international development of space. TD reviewed the history of industrial development in recent years, we are more aware of testing techniques on the healthy development of the whole industrial chain, an important new. TD-LTE to the successful industrialization and globalization of the goal, we need the whole industry chain-end TD-LTE mature industry chain as an important part of TD-LTE test the technology matures, for the commercialization of TD-LTE to provide a conducive technical support. TD-LTE test the technology matures, it requires the presence of ladies and gentlemen, today's work together to mature the industry to contribute their efforts as soon as possible.  
this, I would like to present you one must firmly grasp the strategic opportunities to promote sound and rapid TD-LTE development, seize the opportunity to seize the key points for terminal active in TD-LTE test instrumentation and test R & D work, especially for terminal conformance testing, wireless network performance, to develop a comprehensive and complete test means for the healthy development of the TD-LTE play a positive role. Second, the industry chain, should actively cooperate with the system equipment vendors, chip and terminal manufacturers, testing instruments manufacturers all have to join hands and work together, learn from each other, take flexible and pragmatic variety of means to make further accelerate R & D industry. Estimated from the first quarter of next year, may start to enter the scale TD-LTE technology experiments, although we have not officially announced, but the program has been in about six cities the size of the technological experiments. So you can work harder in the test link above,Louboutins, can play a greater role.  
Ladies and gentlemen, the current industry in China TD-LTE development of the whole faces important opportunity of the situation is very heavy task,Christian Louboutin, let us join hands and seize opportunities, strengthen innovation and exploration, so that TD-LTE become technologically advanced, new generation of global application of a wide range of wireless communication network technology, information and communication industry for the prosperity and contribute to economic prosperity.  
Finally,Christian louboutin, I wish TD-LTE Test Technology Conference a complete success, thank you! > Related Topics: TD-LTE Test Seminar topics
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Christian Louboutin evening Not leave the stage the traditional smart phone mobi christian louboutin:
Lead: U.S. IT website NetworkWorld writer Zhu Libo Special (Julie Bort) wrote that today, although reports from the media point of view, has been vigorously popularize smart phones, but for various practical reasons, really want to purchase of such equipment are still small.  
The following is the text of the article:

most will

the major media will focus on smart phones and their applications, many people might think , smart phone has received widespread of all ages. But in fact, most users will still prefer to buy a new phone the traditional phone.  
This month, I spent two years with Samsung Rant cell phone into the Android 2.2 operating system, HTC EVO Shift 4G mobile phones. I really like this product by the Sprint operator, and attended the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the informed through Twitter and Facebook friends. I feel like the last one on earth who do not have smart phones. Some people agree with me and welcomed me to join group of smartphone users, but also said they were not smart phones, even more surprising is that many people do not even want to buy a smart phone. U.S. market research firm Compete's latest research shows me these  
Compete in November last year, the wireless device on the 2639 U.S. survey of users, 65% of the respondents would still choose to buy a new phone when the traditional phone. Of these only a small part of the willing to buy a smart phone with some features of the product, such as running the browser.  

only 35% of respondents plan to upgrade to a true smartphone. The price of smart phones and the package is the biggest concern. This can be understood. My 4G mobile phones will spend $ 10 a month, I live in town have 4G signals, but did not signal around my house, but I can at home using Wi-Fi networks. Sprint also has a problem: although my phone has a mobile hotspot feature,discount Christian Louboutin, you can use for other 8 devices, but Sprint charges $ 29 a month, the cost of this, if only for temporary use, is as high as 10 dollars a day.  
of respondents did not believe that smart phones can not give them any necessary access through the traditional phone functions. This also makes sense. My Rant cell phone built-in GPS,Louboutin shoes, camera, MP3 player, browser, and you can watch the video of the full-color screen.  
also say they know enough about science and technology, so can not use smart phones, and that the application may be too cumbersome to install. I can understand this idea. My new phone has been used more than a week, but I still did not fully import contacts, nor with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn association, I can not even half of the pre-functions are not find out, not to mention the birds  
learning to use Android as ski school. I have a few minutes to be able to use it, but I fear, to manage it, it takes a lifetime.  
other data  
the other hand, when I travel, the new smart phones can indeed buy a lot of fun. Without opening the notebook, you can view three e-mail mailbox, Facebook and Twitter status information, and travel can also be applied with a Kindle to read two books. Rant with the original phone is unable to complete these tasks.  
In addition, many Android phones are new to BlackBerry and some are Compete survey, the existing Android mobile phone users, 49% from non-smart phones,Christian Louboutin evening, and 13% from the original BlackBerry users.  
Once adapted to an operating system, many users will stick with the system. 11% of the Android user is the second time using the Android device,Christian louboutins, while the iPhone and the BlackBerry the rates were 26% and 32%. Even relatively low, but considering the first Android phone has been introduced only two years, so this achievement is still alarming.  
the next two year
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